More than a website

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Our website philosophy

We love building gorgeous websites.

But we know you need more than a flashy brochure. You’re looking for a website that will help you generate traffic, leads, and sales. A site that will be the cornerstone of your online marketing efforts and results.

So at Bright Arts we create more than beautiful websites.

We build business engines — machines that help you reach your goals and drive your business forward.

Andrew Bull

founder of bright arts

An engine for business growth

our websites make business better

  • Bespoke design that enhances credibility
    We'll create a bespoke website that fits your business goals and branding. Your new site will make a positive impact on customers, partners, and team members. People considering your business will be impressed with your website and see your business as a credible and legitimate option.
  • Improving perception, value, and profits
    What's the difference between a £100 painting and £1,000,000 painting? It's the frame, the gallery, the story that surrounds the product. Our elegant websites will improve the framing, the perception, and therefore the value of your offering — this will help your business charge more, which will lead to better profits. Plus, you'll attract clients with bigger budgets.
  • Designed to drive conversions
    We'll design your website to help you get the conversions your business needs; whether that's sales, bookings, leads, or sign-ups.
  • Get people over the line with wonderful content
    We can create all the content you need for your website. From branding to photography to copy we've got you covered. Did you know emotions guide people's decisions? When you share beautiful content that stirs emotions, people are more likely to decide in your favour.
  • Increase visitor retention with fast loading times
    Busy people don't wait for slow sites to load — Amazon has said every extra second of website load time costs it a cool 1 billion in lost sales every year; your website speed directly impacts your business — that's why we're obsessed with the speed of the websites we create. How we do it: 1) We design our websites to be lightweight and fast. 2) We insist on hosting our clients' websites on fast, secure, and reliable servers owned by Google.
  • Green hosting that sets you apart from the competition
    Websites and internet traffic burn huge amounts of energy. We host all our clients sites on servers powered by 100% renewable energy. When you host with us, you can impress visitors and potential customers by displaying a green hosting badge.
  • Ecommerce ready
    Need an Ecommerce store? We'll set your site up with all the Ecommerce essentials you need. Our product and collections pages are beautiful, customisable and go way beyond what's possible with Shopify.
  • Search engine visibility
    We can set your website up so that your brand, products, and services can get found online.

Ready for a better website?

We’re here to help.

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