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Powerful Brand Identity

Why rebrand?

Having a great product or service is no longer enough to succeed in business. If you want people’s attention, love and loyalty – you need to give them more.

You need to tell them a story. A story that touches hearts, moves minds and open wallets! A story that touches hearts, moves minds and open wallets!

And you need a story that goes way beyond the features and benefits of your products. You need to create a story that’s part of a bigger narrative, a story that inspires loyalty, passion, and a sense of belonging. A story that customers and followers will be proud to share.

How do you make this happen?


By Creating a

The best brand stories…

  • Help people feel better about themselves
  • Are part of a bigger social narrative
  • Emotionally connect with the audience
  • Build in uniqueness and difference
  • Trigger conversations and social sharing

Benefits of Successful Branding

Want to understand the importance of branding to your organisation? Here are seven crucial factors you need to know.

Prominent and memorable branding helps people remember who you are, what your business does and what makes you different. When it comes to purchasing time, this knowledge will help people short-cut the decision making process, and help them to choose your product.

What’s difference between a Ferrari and a Fiat? It’s not just the cost of the parts. It’s the story that the brand tell’s people. It tells a premium and high-quality story in every part of it’s business from F1 racing to the discreet presentation if it’s cars. People don’t just buy products they buy lifestyle that make them feel good about who they are.

It’s been scientifically proven that people enjoy something more, when there’s a better story attached. Take for instance a glass of wine, when we drink an expensive glass of red in in up-scale restaurant, it just tastes better. And branding works in just the same way, when you surround your products with quality branding, it enhances your customers pleasure and experience.

The right brand story, will powerfully differentiate your business and set your apart from the crowd. When it comes to decision making time, this will put your business in pole position.

A well executed brand strategy, will turn prospects into customers and customers into raving fans. Raving fans ( people who love talking about your business ) are the most powerful marketing force in the world.

Good branding will increase the value of your product to customers. If you think about bottled water, why do people choose to pay 50p, £5 or even £30 for essentially the same product – because of the branding.

Stock market giant such as SAP and McDonalds have their brand on their business balance sheets as intangible asset.  The value of their Brands is huge and reflected in their share price. This same brand valuation can be applied to small and medium businesses.

Our Branding Philosophy

I believe in building powerful virality, next-level differentiation, and remarkability into the heart and soul of a brand.

So Bright Arts doesn’t just create fancy logos or colour schemes.

We create brands full of purpose, brands that are determined to be a positive force in the world. Brands that people will proudly support, love, and share.

Andrew Bull


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How We Build Your Brand

1. Brand Research

We discover the people, values, and mission that drives your brand. We use this to define and develop a brand story that is remarkable, deeply desirable, and viral – this will be the foundation, engine and heart of your brand.

2. Brand Design

We use your brand story as a guide for designing the brand assets that bring your brand to life. This includes: Logo, Colour Schemes, Fonts, Style Guide, About Page copy, and usage examples.

3. Brand strategy

We’ll identify a intelligent strategy for raising brand awareness, website traffic and sales.  We’ll also document your brand’s story and visual identity so that you have a clear record and road map for moving your business forward.

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