How we build your website

The brief

We'll ask the right questions, uncover why you need a new website and exactly what you're trying to achieve.

It's our duty to find out what you really need, so we can choose the right approach for your business.

The Sitemap

Once we have all the information we need, we'll create a visual plan of what the future site will look like, so we can get on the same page as quickly as possible.

The prototype

We create a rough first draft of the site, so you can see what goes where and how it fits together — at this stage it's not about the design, that comes later, but it gets us close fast!

Feedback made easy

There's no need to waste time writing long emails with your comments. We have feedback tools that make requests and revisions super easy — simply click on any part of your new site and leave a comment.

the design

Now we beautify your website, making it polished and a joy to use — adding those all important bells and whistles! We'll use your brand colours, logos, and fonts.

add copY & content

Once the design is approved, we add the copy, photography, and video. You can provide this content yourself — or commission us to produce it for you.

the delivery

We go underground for a couple of week and plug in the back end of the site, making sure everything is working properly. Finally, we deploy your website on our hosting server, adding SSL certificate and CDN — your shiny new website will be secure, quick to load, and beautiful.