The Brights Arts Agency Mission

Image shows Bright Arts Agency founder Andrew Bull in a wide shot wearing a blue suit. He looks authoritative and friendly. Andrew was photographed at the Trampery Republic in London's Docklands.

I believe that our fast-evolving world is creating difficult challenges and questions that our society must answer.

Mass automation, AI and the next generation of robots will put an immense strain on our world and our way of life. In all likelihood, they will trigger high levels of unemployment, an increase in inequality, social stagnation and a crisis of purpose – without tangible career goals, the young and unemployed will lack drive, ambitions and purpose.

We have huge questions to answer about our future.

I believe that the Entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow who build their Brands with a greater purpose than profit alone will provide one of the answers we need. These brands of the future will not only generate enormous value for their owners, but also for society and the wider world. And because they make a positive impact on people’s lives, their ideas and products will be widely loved and shared.

These brands of the future will become more than mere Trademarks; they will be Lovemarks; Brands for the people and loved by the people.

We’re on a mission to help entrepreneurs create these brands of the future.

Andrew Bull


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