Introducing THE shopping APP that fashion brands will love


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Who's on board?

Many exciting brands have already joined our App. And many more are joining every week!

A shopping & fashion marketing revolution

We’re bringing a brand new shopping App to market.

It’s a bit like Instagram, but with Influencer Marketing, Virality, and Shoppability built into the heart of the App.

We believe this App will change the way that people shop for good — and give fashion brands an exciting (and effective) new sales channel for their products.

We’re currently looking for fashion brands (new and old) to join our beta programme.

You can learn more and apply below.

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Want to sell your products through the APP?

Influencer marketing that makes sense

With Our App
The Old Way

influencer markEting — on the app

Our new shopping platform works like this…

You add products to the platform

You can do this easily — by a spreadsheet or integrating your existing e-commerce website.

Someone see your product and buys it.

Shoppers browse the App to find products they love and buy on the App.

The App receives a small commission on each sale you make through the platform.

The Customer becomes an Influencer

The customer who loves your product (they bought it!) becomes an influencer and advocate for your brand — they take photos & videos with your products and upload them to the App.

The Influencer’s Tribe see the content and buy your product

The influencer receives a commission when people buy via their content —  they’re motivated to create and share inspiring stories about your brand.

The Purchase and Influence cycle repeats and continues…

Ready to join the shopping and marketing revolution?

Why shoppers will love this App...

The platform offers a brand new way for people to shop and share stories with their friends:

  • Shop whole outfits from one photo
  • Only in-stock products are shown
  • Find the brands you love
  • Shop outfits worn by real people
  • Buy whole outfits from multiple retailers using one account
  • Become a Fashion Influencer
  • Get rewarded for outfits that are sold via your selfies
at the beach app

Why fashion brands will love this App...

Our platform offers a new and unique way for your brand to market its products.

  • Only pay commission when your products sell (and if the customer keeps the product)
  • Shoppers motivated to become advocates and share your products with their network
  • Frictionless check-out process — customers can easily buy products.
  • Get discovered when people shop whole outfits.
city woman

Want to learn more?

Want to promote your brand on the App? Or simply learn more? Use the form below to contact us.

arty girl on phone
Andrew Bull with a group of entrepreneurs

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