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What we do

Google Ads is a hugely popular and often profitable form of online advertising. It’s also complex and forever changing. Maximising your investment, requires: expert knowledge, time, and resources. We’re here to provide you with complete management of your Google PPC campaigns.

Our Approach

Ads Setup

smart account structure

We create Ad accounts and campaigns that reflect your business goals and sales structure.

extensive keyword research

We use cutting-edge techniques to find keywords that will drive the right people to your business.

removing negative keywords

We remove bad keywords from your campaigns — these irrelevant queries never lead to sales and only waste your budget — if your campaign isn't professionally managed, these negative keywords will be costing you money!

adverts that touch heartS

We use the power of emotion, benefits and features to create compelling adverts — that capture hearts and minds!

Tracking and Tagging

We'll put in place (with your web developers help) the conversion tags that allow us to track the actions your business needs.

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focus On what's working

We find the keywords and adverts that are driving the conversions you need (sales & enquiries) and push more of your budget in that direction.

TIMe & DAY Insights

We look at the best time and days for your adverts to run and adjust the bids accordingly.

automatic bid adjustment

Once we've found the ideal on-page position for your advert, we can use our intelligent bidding automations to keep your advert in that position.

automatic Campaign OVerwatch

We'll watch for any drastic changes in your account performance — we're ready to pause or adjust your campaigns as needed.

Intelligent reporting

We'll send you regular clear updates on the performance of your Google Ads account.

Our View

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Google’s search platform, receives over 3.5 billion queries a day. Many of these searches are for products and services like yours.

If you don’t have the patience for SEO and want to get immediate traffic to your site — Google PPC is for you.

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