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That’s the sweet sound of sales hitting your business account!

Our eCommerce Philosophy

At Bright Arts, we believe your eCommerce store should be more than a gallery for your collection. It should be a magnet for traffic and an engine for sales.

So, we don’t just build cool looking websites.

We create WordPress sites that help you acquire the visitors, sign-ups, and sales you need. Let’s get your till ringing...

Andrew Bull
Bright Arts Agency Founder

our approach

an Ecommerce site you'll love

beautiful design

A site that looks great, amplifies your brand's personality, and is easy to navigate.

bespoke WordPress website

A one-of-a-kind site for your brand and business needs. Break free from limitations imposed by Shopify and similar platforms — Show your products and collections in the best possible light. Stylish blog posts your audience will want to read and share.

Ecommerce integration

We'll integrate WooCommerce and get your site ready for business. Paypal and Stripe integrations are included as standard.

all the content you need

We can create all the content that you need for your website. From photography to video to copy we've got you covered.

Custom fields

Need to display bespoke data on product pages? No problem. We make it a cinch for you add the information you need on the backend — and it will display elegantly on the frontend too.

seo-friendly Ecommerce pages

We design your category and product pages so they can get found online by more people.

turbo-FAST design & hosting

Amazon has said that every extra second of website load time costs it a cool 1 billion in lost sales every year; your website speed directly impacts your business. Our premium websites are designed to be fast. They're also hosted on Google Cloud's blazing fast servers; that's super-fast, super-secure and super-reliable performance

SSL certificate & top-notch security

When you host your website with Bright Arts, you get a free SSL certificate (you need this for selling online). You also get hardware firewalls, active & passive security. We also block IPs that have more than 6 failed login attempts in minute.

Designed to drive conversions

We'll design your website to help you get the conversions your business needs; whether that's sales, bookings , or sign-ups.

fashion websites for

brands like yours










Want a website that helps you get more traffic and sales?

Let’s get you started.

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