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Bright Arts Agency
We design and implement marketing and sales strategies for positive brands, so they can make a sustainable impact on the marketplace, people's lives, and our planet.
Image shows Bright Arts Agency founder Andrew Bull in a medium shot wearing a blue suit. He looks authoritative and friendly.

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Introducing Bright Arts

Hi. I’m Andrew, strategic marketing consultant, and leader of Bright Arts Agency.

I believe the beating heart of every modern business isn’t the product being sold; it’s the story being told.

And in today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to tell any old story. You need to tell the best story.

What makes a great story?

  • A likable lead character — that’s your brand!
  • The heart’s desire — a cause that’s worth fighting for
  • Compelling narrative — that entertains, educates, and nurtures the right audience.
  • Blockbuster finale — that delivers the rewards (conversions & sales) your business needs.

Bright Arts is on a mission to change, create, and tell ‘those’ stories.

We’re especially interested in helping triple-bottom businesses – brands that generate a return for themselves, the planet, and society.

Although we love high-end technology, our story-led approach is centered on emotion and relationships.

We know that building lasting relationships is an essential part of every flourishing business.

Over the years, I’ve personally helped the likes of Mercedes, Dior, Gucci, and Sony, design and tell their brand stories.

At Bright Arts Agency, we endeavour to offer everything you need to tell a successful and sustainable business story.

Our offering includes Marketing Strategy, Website Design, PPC Advertising, Content Production, and Planet-Friendly Services (renewable energy + power-saving tactics).

We’re here to tell stories that will transform your brand and hopefully change your world.

Ready to grow your business?

We’re here to help you succeed.