Top 15 Swimwear Brands on Instagram in 2018

We don’t need to tell you that finding your dream swimsuit can be tough. And yet, it’s getting easier with each passing summer. Swimwear has changed a lot throughout the ages, and these days there are options for everyone.

So regardless of whether you’re hitting the waves with your surfboard or lounging poolside with a cocktail, one of these top 15 Instagram swimwear brands is bound to have you covered.

They’re also perfect for when you’re organising your next Instagram Influencer photoshoot — because, trust us, these are the kind of swimsuits that will set your feed on fire. Especially if you use the right Instagram Hashtags so your posts get max visibility.

From minimalist to ultra-trendy, ethical to super-luxe, here are 15 of our favourite swimwear brands on Instagram in 2018.

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Hottest Bikini Brands of 2018


What makes a swimwear brand truly “luxury”? Sure, there’s the price point, but there’s also something more: fine fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship. Oh, and there’s one other prerequisite: wearing it has to make you feel like a total Goddess.

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Luxury swimwear worn in a hot tropical setting. Swimwear is by Afina London, and is a kind of a red tiger print pattern.

If Afina’s swimsuits look devastatingly luxurious, it’s because they are. We’re talking pieces that are hand-finished by skilled artisans and have 24-carat gold plated accessories. Afina use premium Italian fabrics like Jersey Lomellina. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry: all you need to know is that it’s soft, sensual, and chlorine-resistant. In other words, exactly what you want from a luxury piece of swimwear.

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Instagram swimwear brand Afina London. One of the 15 hottest bikini brands to feature in this post.
Hot red bikini being worn on the beach by an attractive model

You can’t argue with Australia when it comes to swimwear, and this Sydney-based label is nothing less than an institution. The iconic brand creates swimsuits that are precise, flattering, and timeless enough that you can keep reuniting with them every time summer rolls back around. That’s what we call a worthwhile investment.

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Shows multiple shots of women wearing Jets Swimwear
Blond model wearing Contessa Volpi Instagram Swimwear Brand

Sometimes you want a practical swimsuit. Other times you want something that’s next-level, lounge-by-a-glittering-hotel-pool-with-a-cocktail glamorous. Contessa Volpi actually manages to merge the two things with their luxurious, high-quality pieces. If you’re after a vintage bombshell silhouette with a slick, modern twist, this is the brand for you.

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Shows multiple shots of women wearing Contessa Volpi Swimwear


What springs to mind when you think of tropical locations? Swaying palm trees, sun-drenched beaches, bronzed skin… And playful bikinis in bold, bright prints to really match the vibe. So when you’re lying on the sand sipping straight out of a freshly-cut coconut, these are the bikinis you’ll want to be wearing.

Model wears Tropical swimwear by Miau Swimwear Brand. Model is show leaving the sea by a ladder.

Miau have quickly won over hearts (and built up a loyal following) thanks to their vibrant printed bikinis. If you’ve ever admired a butterfly for its beautiful, unique patterns, now you can finally know what it’s like to be one. Miau designer Priscilla Dorio was born in Miami and lives in Australia, so her designs bring together the best of both those worlds.

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Shows multiple shots of women wearing Miau Swimwear
Super hot swimwear worn at the pool. Features K Bella instagram swimwear brand.

Designer Katya Shay may have been born in Russia, but she has a tropical soul. She chased the sunshine all the way to Singapore, and it’s there that she designs her colourful, sensual swimsuits under the label K Bella Swim. Seamless stretch fabric makes every swimsuit ultra-comfortable (and ultra-sexy as well).

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Shows multiple shots of women wearing K Bella Swimwear
Beautiful model wears tropical swimwear by Salty Mermaid brand.

You don’t have to grow a tail to belong in the sea. In fact, Salty Mermaid’s swimsuits are so fun and addictive you’ll never want to be on dry land again. Bikini-babe Instagrammers and “bad-ass merbabes” can also apply to become brand ambassadors, which means discounts, free swag, and the chance to wow all your followers with dreamy pictures of the latest swimwear styles.

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Shows multiple shots of women wearing Salty Mermaid Swimwear


Conscious shoppers rejoice, because it’s getting easier and easier to find swimwear that’s ethical and bang on trend. With gorgeous bikini styles and responsible production methods, these brands truly had us at hello. 

Woman dives in to water whilst wearing Davy J swimwear.

Swimwear you can swim in? Davy J takes the whole concept back to its roots, with one and two-piece swimsuits that won’t leave you clutching at your modesty after a wave hits. Designed to survive the most active of pursuits (like splashing through a waterfall or jumping off a cliff, if you’re game for that kind of thing), Davy J’s pieces are also incredibly resourceful: their first collection uses 100% recycled nylon from waste like discarded fishing nets. Sporty Bond Girl babes, this is how you save the world.

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Shows multiple shots of women wearing Davy J Swimwear
Ethical swimwear from Shapes in the sand worn on the beach by a model who is kneeling in the surf and enjoying the warm water lapping against her knees.

If you love the beach — but really love the beach — you don’t just want to splash in it, you want to protect it. Shapes in the Sand are right there with you. The brand is built around a yearning to help restore the environment, so not only are their chic, vibrant swimsuits ethically and sustainably made, the brand also works with not for profit organisations to help clean up the oceans and protect local wildlife.

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Women wearing Shapes in the Sand Swimwear
Shot of cute blonde sitting on the beach wearing ethical swimwear by Menestho brand.

Zero-waste production, organic fabrics, and local manufacturing to scale down that carbon footprint… Menestho have the philosophy in order, but what about the designs? Good news all around, because they’re stylish, affordable pieces you’d love to wear. Menestho’s swimwear is designed, produced, and digitally printed in London.

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Women wearing Menestho Swimwear


Edgy designs that are so now. The kind that you #need in your life. The kind that blur swimwear and fashion so thoroughly you can wear them from the beach to the bar just by throwing on a pair of jeans. We’re talking about swimwear brands that are perfect for all the trendsetters and ‘it’ girls out there.

Hot Bikini from Crispy Citron. Modelled by brunette. Flamingoes in the back of shot.

Crispy Citron works with multiple swimwear designers to bring you only the trendiest (and frankly the sexiest) styles in existence. If their bikinis look familiar, it’s probably because you’ve spotted one on an Instagram influencer or three. Get a photo of yourself wearing one into your feed, sit back, and brace yourself for the flood of likes to come.

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Women wearing Crispy Citron Swimwear
Blond Woman wearing Amaio Swimwear whilst lounging on a boat. Very luxurious 1950s Grace Kelly look that works.

Forget sharks and rip tides, it’s swimsuits like these that are dangerous. Because who’s going to be keeping an eye on their surroundings when you’ll be drawing all the attention in your starlet beach look? Amaio’s creations look like they stepped straight out of old Hollywood and into your life.

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Women wearing Amaio Swimwear
Super hot bikini brand Ezili worn by a model at the beach. Wind blows thrrough her hair as she poses.

Bring on the plunging necklines, cut-outs and strappy silhouettes. You want your look to stand out — because only a glamorous swimsuit will match with your cool sunglasses and beach-babe attitude. If that sounds like you then you’ll want to check out Ezili Swimwear, stat.

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Women wearing Ezili Swimwear


By definition, minimalist design equates to simplicity. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do. Minimalist designers need to create pieces that are perfectly cut, that stand out for their quality, and that convey a mood using the barest of elements. These three brands are nailing it right now.

Woman demonstrating unique 2.10 swimwear tanning design

Minimal certainly doesn’t have to mean boring. 2.10 keep things interesting with the addition of quirky little details, like contrast piping or keyhole cutaways. The pieces are also subtly clever: each one includes strategically placed ties, zippers or buttons so you can maximise your tanning coverage (and avoid those crazy tanlines) when you choose to. Bonus!

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Women wearing 2.10 Swimwear

Just looking at Mamaya’s swimwear transports you to some sun-drenched Grecian isle with white-washed walls and olive trees and hidden turquoise bays. That’s no accident: Mamaya is inspired by the charm and glamour of Europe and goes by a philosophy of “less is more.” Looking at their imagery, you can’t help but agree.

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Women reclines on sun-lounger wears minimalist swimwear by Mamaya Swim brand.
Shot of orange bathing suit from Sune swimwear brands. Unusually, the model is shown indoors, but still looks hot.

Sune is like your functional minimalist swimwear fantasy come to life. Every piece is polished yet relaxed, chic yet practical, classic yet contemporary. The brand is all for focusing on the essentials and using them to build the ideal wardrobe — swimwear included.

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Women wearing Sune Swimwear


With so many incredible swimwear options out there, the only problem is choosing which one to go for. Our suggestion? Pick up a few, so you have a bikini to vibe with your every mood and occasion, be it a beach holiday or your next Instagram influencer photoshoot.

What are your favourite swimwear brands? We’d love to see your photos, so don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram at @brightartsagency

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