Top 15 Streetwear Instagram Influencers from the UK

Have you got a new streetwear fashion collection? Not sure how to get the word out?

Well, don’t fret because you can reach out to some Streetwear Instagram Influencers and models based out of the UK.

(Want to skip the intro? Jump straight to the Top UK streetwear influencers )

These fashion leaders can promote your clothing ranges to their ever growing following on Instagram.

This tactic has been proven to not only increase brand and product awareness, but also drastically improve buyer intent – When influencers talk people listen and buy.

The UK streetwear revolution has begun

Streetwear has gone from the everyday streets to the runways of the world’s fashion capitals such as London, Milan, Paris and New York.

Customers can’t wait for the next streetwear collection to hit stores. Clothing that was worn only by skaters and punks are now must-have pieces for supermodels and pop culture celebrities.

Now everyone wants to be part of this trend. People follow these Instagram Influencers, so they can be the first to know about upcoming brands and latest trends.

Looking to promote your streetwear?

You should start with Instagram. Many Instagrammers are evangelists who love and promote streetwear products. They leverage their Instagram accounts to attract thousands and even millions of followers to visit their favourite brands and purchase that brands products.

With this successful approach, many brands reach out to them to collaborate on social media marketing campaigns.

how to start a successful influencer campaign

You can send free items to these Instagram Influencers in exchange for a review of your range. Another approach is to send them their free discount count code, and you can see how well their campaign goes. Then this will determine if you want to reach out to them again in the future.

Be mindful that these Instagram Influencers will charge you a fee to collaborate. These prices can vary depending on how large and engaged their following is.

It is important to note that you can’t pick an influencer based on just the size of their following…The most important thing is that they have a high engagement rate with their followers. If they don’t have any engagement and have a high amount of followers, this won’t help your campaign much, now will it?

Therefore, it’s essential to choose a couple of influencers and select ones that fit within your budget. If you can, select more than one, this will help your brand reach more potential customers and potentially turn them into paying customers.

Keep in mind that each Instagram Influencer has a different amount of followers and way of doing things. Some Influencers may just do one picture post, and others may do an Instastory talking about your range, write a blog post or create a YouTube video.

It all starts with finding the right Influencer for your campaign. Here’s a selection to get you started…


These are the leaders of UK Streetwear scene when it comes to the latest trends.

Followers: 11.1K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer stavros Karelis

Stavros has been gaining attention from fashion insiders for a quite while now. He is the founder and buying director of fashion concept shop in London called Machine-A. Not only that, but he was also featured in Vogue and attends fashion shows! He is definitely someone you want to check out for your influencer campaign. He clearly has some weight in the streetwear world!

Followers: 7,165

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Luke Matthews

From Luke’s Instagram feed, you can see that he just adores trainers! Luke is the founder of Size, which is his trainers’ online retailer, but offer other items as well. Size is a community for shoe lovers especially trainers. Also, some noteworthy news is that their YouTube channel features great product reviews and interviews. If you need someone to promote or review your trainers, then definitely reach out to Luke!

Followers: 4,680

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Gareth Skewis

Skewis is one of the owners of Slam City Skates, the oldest skate shop in Europe. He’s a partner of Palace, a company that sells skateboards and streetwear clothing. He is definitely someone to reach out if your streetwear is geared more towards the skater world!

Followers: 66.7K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Kofz Kaccalla

Kofz is one of the co-founders for the streetwear brands called Plugged. However, in the social media world, Kofz is better known for his YouTube channel ‘The unknown blogs’. He does cover some of the most important streetwear events in London. So if you are looking for an influencer to rock your streetwear at these events to increase your exposure then definitely reach out to him.

Followers: 16.4K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Tom Emmerson

Emmerson is a skater and photographer.  His career took off at the age of fifteen. Aside from being behind the cameras, he has worked as a model for Gosha Rubchinskiy. Therefore, if he is just sharing images of your range on his account or if he models them, he will do a fantastic job since he has experienced both behind and in front of the camera.

Followers: 51.6K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Cea Ras

Cea.Ra’s tomboy style and nonchalant attitude have helped her earn a place in the streetwear online community that is a male-dominated scene. Her presence is welcomed in this community. She models streetwear and has already partnered with major brands. She isn’t afraid to wear different styles. You can see this for yourself in her feed. Reach out to her to model your streetwear!

Followers: 21.7K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Robert Stewart

Robert helped launched an online shop that sells stuff to protect your trainers, called SneakersER. He can definitely showcase your streetwear and shoes to his 20K plus following. Check out his Instagram account to see how all things sports shoes and if it aligns with your brand.

Followers: 29.7K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Juice gee

Juice Gee is also known as Jess Gavigan. She has made a name for herself in the streetwear community because of her business Small Feet Big Kicks. Her online retailer specialises in selling high-quality trainers to ladies with small feet! Jess is also Partner of theunisexmode, which sells unisex streetwear clothing and shoes. Reach out to Jess via e-mail or DM to see if you are a good fit!

Followers: 30.6K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Mikey Trapstar

Trapstar became THE British streetwear brand when American celebrities such as A$AP, Rihanna, and Iggy Azalea were photographed by the paparazzi wearing his streetwear designs. On his Instagram feed, you’ll find previews of his upcoming garments and pictures of other celebrities wearing their favourite pieces from Mikey. Connect with him to see if he will promote your brand with his followers!

Followers: 34.8K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Hannah J P

Although, Hannah is only 18 years old, she is full-time student that has been gaining popularity among the streetwear community because of her model-like looks and style. She would be the perfect model for your streetwear brand! Send Hannah a message! Pretty sure she could use some extra money to pay off uni.

Followers: 55.4K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Gary Aspden

Gary has worked with Adidas and works as a DJ too. His Instagram account features a collection of sportswear memorabilia and the coolest trainers you will ever see. E-mail or DM him to see if he will rock your brand in his Instagram feed.

Followers: 46K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Ste Wing

It’s kind of hard to describe what Set Wing does for work exactly since he does different things. It is pretty evident that he loves his trainers. We can see many pictures of his feet that are always on point with the latest trainers. Get in touch with to him to feature some of your ranges.

Followers: 95.1k

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Lucien Clarke

Lucien Clarke has been a staple name of the British skating scene. He is now becoming a fashion icon. Lucien can be seen modelling in the latest spring catalogue from Palace. Reach out to Lucien to feature some of your ranges to his followers.

Followers: 503K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Gully Leo

Gully is only 14 years old and has the ability to get his hands on the most coveted streetwear items before the public. This has allowed Gully to gather a big following of both fans and haters. How does this 14 year old buy all of those clothes? Truth be told – he doesn’t. He collaborates with the biggest names in the streetwear industry who give him free merch. Check him out for yourself to see if he a good match for you.

Followers: 57.6K

Instagram Account:

streetwear instagram influencer Astrid Andersen

The Danish designer has been gaining attention and momentum since she started her career in 2010. Astrid is known for being inspired by hip-hop and basketball in her designs. Check out her account to see if she is a good fit for your brand.

Stop Thinking. Start Connecting.

Hopefully, this blog post has left you inspired to reach out to Instagram Influencers to promote your streetwear and help you grow your business.

Remember, Influencer Marketing should be part of (and not your entire) marketing strategy. You should also consider using PPC Ads and SEO.

Not sure you’re using the right marketing strategy? Book a call with me.

About the editor: Andrew Bull

Andrew is the founder of Bright Arts Agency, we help IT specialists grow, work, and live smarter. Ready to put the smarts into your business? Book a free 15 minute consultation with Andrew today!

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