50 Instagram Theme Ideas for Increasing Follows, Comments, and Sales

The number one step to growing your Instagram account is to have an account that’s worth following. In this post we’re sharing 50 awesome Instagram theme ideas that you can use to increase engagement, gain followers, and generate sales.

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Now before we start, let’s explain what we mean by an Instagram theme. Basically, it’s choosing a single aesthetic or idea that makes your entire feed visually coherent and captivating. A feed that shows, instantly, what you’re all about and makes people want to see more.

As for which theme to choose, that comes down to your personal or brand philosophy, your aesthetic, and your target audience. To help you get started, we’ve singled out 50 of the best Instagram theme ideas.

50 Instagram Theme Ideas

Instagram themes aren’t just about filters: they can also be about the way you lay out your feed, the mood it creates in your followers, or the content itself. From photography techniques to art styles to social activism, let’s delve in and take a look.

Art movement Instagram themes


Less can most definitely be more. Taking a minimalist approach means having a keen eye for what to take out as well as what to leave in to every image. Clean lines, block colours and negative spaces are all minimalist elements to think about.

minimalism instagram theme idea


Every pixel of every image is filled with colour, pattern, and form. Added together, the Instagram grid becomes a dizzying array of visuals, designed to grab your attention and never let it go.

For the Instagram maximalist, no amount of detail is too much. Use dramatic filters and plenty of contrast to really make this theme work for you.

maximalism instagram theme idea

Moody Baroque

If Rembrandt had an Instagram account… it might look something like this. Shadowy, brooding and emotive, this type of dark Instagram feed holds a particular allure. It’s especially perfect for dramatic portraits, or for organising any kind of objects — from food to fashion accessories — into artistic still life.

moody baroque instagram theme idea


Something is just a little bit strange (ok, maybe even downright wacky). And you know what? You just can’t look away. That’s the beauty of surrealism.

Obscure a model’s face with an object in a Magritte-style situation, or use some digital trickery to turn your photos into something Dali would be proud of. This unique Instagram theme won’t be suited to everyone — but that’s exactly what makes it so special.

surrealism instagram theme idea

Instagram colour themes

Colour pop theme

Just try not to pay attention to an account that’s bursting with colour. With this theme, every image jumps off the screen and makes you want to double tap.

Commit to it fully, and this is one of those cool Instagram feed ideas that will set you apart from the pack.

Colour pop instagram theme idea

Blue Instagram theme

Blue jeans. Summer skies. The endless expanse of ocean. 

Blue can conjure up a lot of different things, from peace and tranquility to the icy depths of winter. And that’s exactly what makes it such a unique Instagram colour theme. Granted, it’s not the easiest to pull off — but do it right, and it’s worth the effort. 

blue instagram theme idea

Pink Instagram theme

Pink holds a special place in the Instagram universe. Maybe because it makes for one of those irresistibly pretty Instagram feeds you just want to look at all day — or maybe because it’s the digital manifestation of seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses.

A pink Instagram theme can be delicate and sensual or vibrant and fun. It all comes down to the shades of pink you choose for your images.

pink instagram theme idea

Pastel Instagram theme

Who doesn’t love pastels? Seriously, they’re what sorbets and meringues and heart-shaped candies are made of. And anything pastel-hued and sugar-sweet is a surefire magnet for Instagram love.

This theme goes beyond pink and into other delicate hues, from baby blue to mint green to lavender. Go for soft tones or, for another variation, saturate your pastels until they pop.

pastel instagram theme idea

Black and white Instagram theme

Nail it, and a black and white Instagram feed can have just as much impact as a colourful one. The trick? Learn the ins and outs of black and white photography, so you have the right level of contrast and drama in every shot.

black and white instagram theme idea

Colour splash theme

If you’re looking for Instagram theme ideas that are out-there creative, look no further than this one. So what is it? Everything in your photo is black and white — except for a vibrant splash of colour that takes the viewer by surprise. Colour splash makes for a really neat effect, and gives you the power to choose which parts of your image leap off the screen.

colour splash instagram theme idea

Rainbow Instagram theme

Can’t quite settle on one Instagram color scheme? No problem! Enter the rainbow theme, where your feed transitions gradually through a rainbow of colours. This is serious gestalt: every image is gorgeous, but the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. And the more you scroll, the better it gets.

Pro tip: for maximum effect, change to a new colour after at least every nine images. Transition too quickly, and you’ll lose the effect.

rainbow instagram theme idea

Shades of grey Instagram theme

Can’t quite settle on one Instagram color scheme? No problem! Enter the rainbow theme, where your feed transitions gradually through a rainbow of colours. This is serious gestalt: every image is gorgeous, but the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. And the more you scroll, the better it gets.

Pro tip: for maximum effect, change to a new colour after at least every nine images. Transition too quickly, and you’ll lose the effect.

grey instagram feed idea

Neutral tones Instagram theme

Whoever said neutrals were boring? Nude and earthy tones can actually create a really clean, peaceful vibe. Neutrals are also great if the landscapes or subjects you tend to feature are natural, airy, or rustic in nature. In other words — desert wanderers, this one’s for you.

neutral tones instagram theme idea

Instagram mood themes

Retro Instagram theme

Did you just fall right through your screen and into 1969? From the muted colours and retro fonts, you’d think so. There are plenty of ways to create a retro vibe, but using the right styling and filters is definitely the most important one.

retro mood instagram theme idea

Romantic Instagram theme

Oh, romantic Instagram accounts. You know the ones… the ones where wine glasses chink together in silhouette against a sunset sky, fields of flowers abound, and girls in pretty dresses seem to be on permanent vacation in Santorini. If that’s your type of content, go for warm, sun-soaked filters to match, and let the daydream unfurl.

romantic mood instagram theme idea

Warm vintage Instagram theme

This particular style of vintage Instagram theme is beloved by many fashion brands. It’s the kind that’s drenched in hazy golden light and faded with film grain. It’s perfect for flowing hair and more-flowing hemlines, and for creating to imagined moments from decades past.

warm vintage instagram feed idea


Between the boho ‘70s and the slickness of today lies another era ripe with inspiration. Or two, really: the ‘80s and ‘90s. Why are these decades so important in the world of Instagram? Because millennial audiences grew up in them. Any Instagram feed that throws back to the days of lycra, knee-high socks, and the humble cassette tape is bound to smack with irresistible nostalgia.

90s nostalgia instagram theme idea

Bronzed Instagram theme

Attention: this is one of those Instagram aesthetic ideas that should be kept for the sun-drenched days of summer. Edit your photos to have a sun kissed glow, where every inch of skin is glistening and bronze, and every body of water creates a perfect cool blue contrast. Swimwear brands — here’s looking at you.

instagram themes bronzed skin idea

Bohemian Instagram theme

Call it boho, gypsy or hippie-chic, whatever term you use you sure know it when you see it. The bohemian Instagram theme is a popular one, and with good reason — it has the endless allure of wanderlust tinged with free-spirited bliss and barefoot romance. To capture the mood, go for vibrant colours but with a slightly washed-out veneer.

instagram themes bohemian feed idea

Dark Instagram theme

Creating a mood for your Instagram feed doesn’t mean it has to be all sunshine and lollipops. Some of the best Instagram themes are darker in nature, while still managing to be entirely beautiful, lush, and captivating. For a dramatic effect, try alternating images that are heavy in dark colours with those that are luminous yet stark.

dark instagram theme idea

Layout & form

Checkerboard Instagram theme

For this theme, alternate repeatedly between two types of images to create a checkerboard effect. One common (and super effective) idea is to alternate between photos and text. This is a great one for brands, since you can mix up your content types while still keeping an overall structure to your feed.

checkerboard instagram theme idea

Cinemascope Instagram theme

Give your feed a cinemascope effect by posting only wide, rectangular shots.

Now we’ll admit this Instagram theme idea is a bit of a double-edged sword: On the one hand, it’s not the best use of screen real estate. But on the other, you’ll end up with a stunning, cinematic feed that makes everyone feel like they’re watching a widescreen movie. Bonus points for adding a vintage effect.

cinemascope instagram feed idea

White border Instagram theme

Simple, yet oh-so-striking. This is one of those Instagram feed ideas you pretty much can’t go wrong with. Simply post each image with a crisp white border around it. To make your feed look extra sharp, stick to either portrait or landscape orientation, or alternate between the two.

white border instagram feed idea

Row by row Instagram theme

Rather than treat your Instagram feed as one giant grid, here’s a different idea. Think of it as a series of rows.

Post your content in threes to make each row a coherent group of content. You can also alternate each row with a different type of content, letting every second row act as a separator.

row by row instagram theme idea

Featured column Instagram theme

With this feed idea, create a feature out of one column of your Instagram grid (usually the centre one, for balance). Your feature column might be quotes, for example, with photos on either side. For an extra-cool and subtle trick, don’t just randomise but instead make your text relevant to what’s showing on either side.

instagram feed ideas featured column

Puzzle Instagram theme

This theme takes your Instagram grid to the next level. Imagine this: each image works totally great on its own. And yet, when joined together, they becomes pieces in the growing puzzle that is your feed. Pretty cool, huh?

This is also a great one for brands and Instagram influencers who want to build anticipation and allow their puzzle to unfurl into a grand announcement or showpiece.

Aside. If you’re interested in working with influencers, you should take a look at our influencer marketing App.

instagram theme idea puzzle layout

Seasonal Instagram themes

Christmas Instagram theme

Christmas may come but once a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fill your feed with it for the whole of December. Or, for a truly dedicated Christmas account, all year round. After all — Christmas is always something we all look forward to.

xmas instagram theme idea

Winter Instagram theme

With so many glorious beaches on Instagram, winter can sometimes feel a little left out. Why not show it some love? This can work well for brands who are in the winter-weather space, or clothing labels who transition temporarily to seasonal themes depending on each collection.

winter instagram feed idea

Summer Instagram theme

With so many glorious beaches on Instagram, winter can sometimes feel a little left out. Why not show it some love? This can work well for brands who are in the winter-weather space, or clothing labels who transition temporarily to seasonal themes depending on each collection.

summer instagram feed idea

Fall Instagram theme

Autumn is the season of fallen leaves, roasted chestnuts, and pumpkin spice lattes. Fall Instagram themes therefore need to radiate with warm, golden colours and cosy scenes that draw the audience in. Done right, this type of feed feels like you could reach out and warm your hands in front of it.

fall instagram theme idea

Spring Instagram theme

Spring is a time of wonder, when the scent of budding flowers lingers in the air like a promise. And while flowers are a sure symbol of spring, you can also look to other spring icons to capture the mood of season — like Easter eggs, bunnies and birds. Spring is also a time of renewal, so you might also think about featuring spring activities like renewing your living space or wardrobe, or redefining personal goals.

spring instagram theme idea

Mono-theme ideas

Niche object

Focusing on just one type of item or object gives your Instagram feed a niche appeal. It might be an account dedicated to cars, or watches, or ice-creams; or an architectural feature like doors or floors. Whatever it is, followers know that when they visit your account, that’s the thing they’re going to be treated to.

niche object ig theme ideas


Flatlays have become an art since the inception of Instagram. Learn how to nail them, and you’ll have practically won the Instagram game. Popular items for flatlays include food, flowers, art, homewares and accessories. Arrange them in a minimalist way with plenty of white space, or fill every inch of the frame with a splendour of objects — it just comes down to how you’ve chosen to style your feed.

flatlays instagram theme idea


Quotes are great because, when they resonate with people, they can garner a whole wad of likes and reposts. And there’s no shortage of quotes out there to mono-theme an account that informs, inspires, or makes people laugh.

quotes instagram feed idea

Featured artist

Whether it’s painters, illustrators, fashion designers or poets, one Instagram theme idea is to curate beautiful content from featured artists and showcase it in your feed. Grow your account by letting people tag you to request a feature.

featured artist instagram theme ideas

Social issue themes


Standing up for what you believe in is a courageous and commendable act. By using Instagram for a cause, you can help to buck the idea that the platform is all about looks over substance, and raise awareness for equality issues in the process. You might focus on gender equality, equality for the LGBT community, or anything else that fits your philosophy.

instagram theme ideas on social issues and equality


Spread the message that all lives matter, regardless of colour or race. Racism is an ongoing issue and rallying against it via Instagram is one way to create a theme around an important social issue.

instagram theme idea for social issues like racism


From using less plastic to protecting the oceans, environmental problems are some of the biggest ones facing us today. And since the environment is a global issue, why not use a global platform to promote solutions?

environmentalism social issue instagram theme

Body positivitY

More and more accounts are springing up to combat unrealistic beauty standards and encourage us all to embrace our real selves. The body positivity movement is strong and growing, and is a great one for fashion and beauty brands to align themselves with.

instagram themes body positivity social issues theme


Where did a product come from? How was it made? These are questions consumers have started asking. They want to know about sustainable manufacturing, ethical labour processes, no-waste production. Making it a focus can be both a good business decision and a way to help the world.

instagram themes sustainability social issue theme

Photography techniques

Long exposure photography

Misty waterfalls, starry skies, and the dancing lights of aurora borealis. The kind of scenes you can capture with long exposure photography and the same kind that draw people in, time and time again. If you can master this technique, you’ll win both hearts and followers.

long exposure photography technique video tutorials instagram feed idea

Infrared photography

Ever seen photos where trees are candy-floss pink and grass is as white as snow? You may have been looking at infrared. The unexpected colours and effects created by infrared photography give images a dreamy, even psychedelic feel.

infrared photography technique video tutorials instagram feed idea

Analogue photography

Digital photography is accessible, cheap, and easy enough that anyone can do it. And yet… that’s exactly what makes film photography — like 35mm, or even polaroid — so appealing. Every photo is carefully shot, developed, and digitised. And the romantic quality that oozes from real film photography is somehow undeniable.

analogue photography technique video tutorials instagram feed idea

Time-lapse photography

It takes time and patience to compress hours into mere seconds — but the effect you get from time-lapse? Totally worth it. This is not only great for cityscapes and cloudy skies, but also for watching an artwork or production process come to life.

time lapse photography technique video tutorials instagram feed idea

Macro photography

No, macro photography is not just for shooting ladybugs. Some insta-photographers make creative Instagram feeds by finding the beauty in tiny details — things like fabrics, cracked paint flecks, or the intricate inner workings of watches.

macro photography technique video tutorials instagram feed idea

Light painting

Light painting is where you wave around a light (like a torch or sparkler) while taking a long-exposure photo, creating a kind of “painting’. Using different coloured lights can create beautiful effects.

This is one of those different Instagram themes that, with a little imagination, you can really do cool things with. 

light painting photography instagram feed idea

Video Instagram themes

Video tutorials Instagram theme

How does anyone learn how to do anything these days if not through internet video tutorials? While YouTube is the obvious choice, Instagram is a great format for distilling tutorials into short and digestible clips.

video tutorials instagram feed idea

Vlogger Instagram theme

From your latest holiday to what you ate for breakfast, Vlogging is all about sharing your life experiences with the world. So if you have a video-ready personality, look straight into that camera (or phone) and start sharing your thoughts with the world.

vlogger instagram theme idea

Stop motion Instagram theme

Stop motion animation is a cool way to engage with your audience by doing something totally creative and unique. You can use it for personal art projects, like animating characters and telling stories; or to make fun, viral promotional videos for your brand. 

stop motion instagram theme idea

Drone video Instagram theme

Soaring shots of snow-capped mountain ranges or glittering cityscapes? You used to need a helicopter for that. Thankfully nowadays we have drones — those small, unmanned robots that can take incredible aerial footage at a fraction of the cost. Learn the art of drone video, and the opportunities for a cool Instagram feed will be near to endless.

drone video tutorials instagram theme idea

Getting started with your Instagram theme

Hopefully these 50 theme ideas have given you some inspiration to either create a killer new Instagram account, or give your existing one an overhaul. Because the more captivating your feed, and the more it resonates with users, the faster your follower count will skyrocket.

But remember, going beyond Instagram into other marketing channels is a crucial step for every fashion brand.

The best marketing strategies do more than generate traffic, they turn new visitors into leads and leads into customers. I’d love to share more, but I think you should read our in-depth guide to fashion digital marketing.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend some time getting your Instagram account nailed.

Leave us a tag or comment if you use any of the  ideas from this piece — we’d love to see the creative feeds you come up with using these Instagram theme ideas!

About the editor: Andrew Bull

Andrew is the founder of Bright Arts, a marketing agency that helps Ecommerce (fashion & luxury) brands sustain and grow.  Do you need consistent traffic and sales?  Explore our SEO and PPC Advertising service. Need help determining your needs? Let’s talk

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