How to Write a Winning Instagram Bio

Don’t neglect your Instagram bio! It’s just as important as every other aspect of your Instagram content.

By now, you should have developed an Instagram marketing strategy. However, you may be neglecting an essential element, and that is your Instagram bio. This gives your potential customers the first impression of your business. They see this before they look at your images and it is the heart of your Instagram presence.

Also, it’s important to note here that it is your only chance to share a link to your business. You can only share a website link in your profile. You can’t share it anywhere else on Instagram. Important, right?

Instagram bio must-haves

Before you run off writing down ideas in your notebook. There are some things that you MUST understand. There is a secret formula for writing an Instagram bio that pops.  It will help you stand out from the other thousands of profiles out there. So please bear with me as I share with you the key components and share some examples for you to check out.

Your name

What you enter in the name field, will appear in bold at the top of your profile. Of course, you should include your company name. However, this area gives you 30 characters to work with, so take advantage of that! This field gives you the opportunity to add a name variation of your business or add a keyword or two to clarify what your brand offers.

Also, I must mention this – the name field is included in Instagram searches. Therefore, add a strategic keyword so that potential customers can find you more easily.


Your username is your brand’s identity on Instagram. It is part of your profile URL, so choose your username wisely! Make sure that your username is consistent with other social media handles. Doing this will make it easier for users to tag you or find you on multiple networks.

Also, I must mention this – the name field is included in Instagram searches. Therefore, add a strategic keyword so that potential customers can find you more easily.


Your bio is the ONLY place on Instagram where you can post a link. You can change it as often as you want. Be sure to swap out your link so users can see your latest content, a promotion, an affiliate product link, or a landing page that specifically speaks to your visitors via Instagram. Try using a URL “shortener” like Bitly; it will give you a tracking code for real-time statistics.

Also, I must mention this – the name field is included in Instagram searches. Therefore, add a strategic keyword so that potential customers can find you more easily.


Your profile needs to perfectly explain who you are and what you do as a business. Demonstrate to your followers what your brand’s unique personality is. Use specific language to show your target audience that they have come to the right place. You only have 150 characters at your disposal. You will need to get creative to make your bio stand out.

So, with your other profile elements in place, it’s time to tackle the Instagram Bio.

Tips and tricks for stellar copy

Embrace the emoji

I cannot stress this enough. You need emojis present in your content. Did you know that people can search for specific emojis? Therefore, you will need to select a couple that represents your brand that you will use throughout your posts and have in your profile too! You can also use an emoji when the character count is tight. The right emoji can speak for you.

Adding emojis can be tricky when you are doing it from your cell phone. There are two ways you can do this.

  1. Cell Phone Method

    1. On an iPhone, open up the Notes app.

    2. Write out your stellar bio.

    3. Be sure you format it the way that you’d like for it to appear and include all the necessary line breaks.

    4. Select all your bio content and choose ‘Copy’.

    5. Open up the Instagram app.

    6. Click the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

    7. Paste your bio text from the Notes app into your bio field in the Instagram app.

    8. Select ‘Done’ to save.

  2. Desktop Method

    1. Visit your Instagram profile.

    2. Click on ‘Edit Profile’.

    3. Space your bio as you’d like it to appear.

    4. Click ‘Submit’ to save.

    5. Important Side Note: When you view your profile on a desktop, it will appear without any line breaks. Don’t worry. They have been implemented and can be seen in the mobile app version.

Line breaks and spacing don’t always work or look the same way on both web and mobile versions. So, take the time to review your bio in both versions. A great example of emoji usage in a biography is ColorMeCurls.

Let your branded hashtags make an appearance

Nothing creates a better brand story than pictures of real customers using your products. The easiest way that your business can collect those types of pictures is to incorporate a branded instagram hashtag in your profile. Also, be sure to share the branded hashtag in a post, so that current followers can see what you are up to and have the same opportunity. Also, this gives new followers who are curious about your business the opportunity to share their content for you to repost on your account. Ecotools is a great example of this. Their branded hashtag is #EcoToolsXO and they tell their users what to do with it!

Include a call to action at the end of your bio

A flawless Instagram bio should include a call to action. This CTA gives your followers some direction on what to do next. So put some thought into what you want your visitors to do after they visit your profile. Hilary Rushford’s profile is an excellent example of this. Do you want your followers to visit your website, sign up for your webinar or newsletter? Show them what you want them to do.

Include contact details

Imagine a potential customer comes across your Instagram account, loves what you are doing, and wants to connect. But how are they going to do that if you didn’t include an email or phone number for them to reach you?

Be sure to include your contact information (email address or phone number), so people can get in direct contact with you. This will prevent them leaving a comment on a post or a DM and risk it getting lost in a sea of messages. Shannon Willardson, a fashion blogger from the SF Bay area, lets her users know that they can email her directly for a collaboration.

Showcase what make you unique

What makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd? What makes you, unique?

Your Instagram bio should accurately describe who and what your business is. Think beyond what your business provides to its customers. Think something along the lines of… Are you a local business? Are your products organic and fair trade? What are some fun facts you can share about your brand? This is a great way to showcase your company’s personality. Vegan Food Spot shares with its users what makes them unique from another foodie account. They clearly state in their profile that they offer healthy plant-based meals and recipe ideas.

When is your business open?

While someone could easily do a quick Google search for your business hours, save them the hassle! Add your hours of operation to your Instagram profile. An added bonus! With the geo-tagging feature that is available on Instagram, it is often used by local users looking for a brick and mortar business in their area.  Pedro’s Tacos, A So Cal Taco Stand, includes their business hours and address. This makes it easy for customers to find them.

Make an Instagram Bio that POPS!

Now that you have seen some inspiration and know the key components, it’s your turn to brainstorm and make a killer Instagram profile that will POP out from the crowd and showcase the best of your business.

You can check out our Instagram profile here. Be sure to say hello :-).

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