Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere!

Have you noticed that?

A few years ago, when Hashtags started… no one could have imagined that it would be a key component of social media. Everything now has its own hashtag which is pretty crazy and kind of cool at the same time.

So now you must be thinking that’s great…but how does this apply to me and my business?

I will share with you some of the little details about Instagram hashtags. Let’s start off with what they are, why you should use them, ways to find ones that are relevant to your niche, and how many you should use.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or word series that is marked with a hash symbol (#) in front of these words. There is no right or wrong way to create one. And there is no limitations as to what they can be about. It can be a company name, city, trending topics, a wedding or work event. You get the idea.

They can also be used in a post description or in the comments section. Using hashtags help Instagram organise and categorise all the content that is being shared. This enables the search engine to present the right content to the appropriate users.

Here are some examples of hashtags:

  • #photooftheday
  • #nofilterneeded
  • #starbucks
  • #newyorkfashionweek
  • #fashion
  • #brightarts ( Okay, we admit it, this is our brand’s hashtag)

How many Hashtags can I use on Instagram?

Surprisingly enough, they will only allow a set number of hashtags per post. It’s super important for you to keep in mind this limit when you are creating your posts.

Instagram enforces a 30-hashtag limit per post. They have decided to implement this limitation to make sure that the content remains relevant and prevent spam. Therefore, be smart about the ones that you decide to use.

Use Instagram hashtags that you believe will be valuable for your business and will help drive traffic to your content. You know your audience and your content, so be smart about the hashtags that you choose.

How to find the best Hashtags for Instagram

There are numerous hashtag generators and search tools at your disposal. It’s up to you to decide which one you will use. These tools will provide you with all the must-know details about the best-performing Instagram Hashtags for your niche, that you can utilise to increase the number of likes you get for your content. It doesn’t matter what your niche is; you’ll be able to discover hashtags that are relevant to your content.

I have compiled a list of tools that you can use to generate attention worthy Instagram hashtags for your content.

TagBlender: This hashtag generator tool will source hashtags that will increase your engagement rate to your Instagram content. You’ll be able to create sets of Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your business. This is a free and simple to use tool. Give it a try.

HashtagsForLikes: You can use this hashtag generator tool for your e-commerce business’ social media. This tool is user-friendly. You’ll be able to discover the best and most creative hashtags for your e-commerce business in a jiffy.

InstagramTags: This tool should be used by e-commerce entrepreneurs because they will find ready-made sets of popular hashtags. InstagramTags offers hashtags that relate to various industries, everything from ‘Beauty’ to ‘ThrowbackThursday’. Use InstagramTags to grow your store’s presence on social media and increase your engagement with these new hashtags.

Seekmetrics: This analytics tool provides you with comparative metrics and data. It will allow you to see how your business is performing compared to your competitors. Seekmetrics uses the Instagram API to find relevant hashtags for your business.

All Hashtag: You can create new hashtags and analyse the top performing hashtags for your business with this tool. It will generate thousands of hashtags that you can copy and paste into your Instagram posts based on a primary keyword that you’ve entered.

Why You Need Hashtags on Instagram?

I am going to share a couple of the reasons with you now. Hopefully they will persuade you to use hashtags in your posts. 

Get More Likes: Users interested in a particular industry or topic are likely to search for related hashtags. When you use them in your content, you are increasing your chances for said users to find your content. This will result in them learning more about your brand. Therefore, it’s an excellent idea for you to find out the best Instagram hashtags for likes for your niche. It would be stupid not too!

Attract More Followers: Instagram users who are interested in a specific niche are always looking for more content to follow.  Using the right hashtags is a simple way to attract more followers. It will extend your content’s reach because it will allow your content to be discovered by more users. If these users stumble across your account through the hashtags you used and find that you’re posting content that they are interested in, then they’re more likely to follow your account.

Increase Sales: Instagram hashtags aren’t just about growing your business’ following. If you use niche specific hashtags when you are promoting one of your products, you’re likely to attract the attention of users who are likely to purchase something. This means that you’ll be able to boost your store’s sales with well thought out Instagram hashtags used in combination with compelling and engaging content.

How to find the best Hashtags for Instagram

I want to end by saying that it’s important for you to maximise the number of relevant hashtags that you use on your posts. It will increase your visibility in the Instagram world and be beneficial for your business in all aspects.

More eyes on your posts: increases brand awareness, boosts brand recognition, and gets your business those all important sales!

Be sure to conduct your Instagram hashtag research, check out the competition, and generate the right hashtags for your business.


If you take any beautifully different photos on Instagram make sure you use our hashtag #brightarts –  We love making new Instagram friends and using our brand tag is a good way of getting our attention.

You can also follow us using the link below…

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