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How to Add Agencies to Your Facebook Ads Account

Want help with your Facebook ads? Wondering how to give your agency access to your account? We’ve got the step-by-step instructions you need. No more guessing!

This post will be super quick…

#1. Create a Facebook business manager account

I’m assuming that you’ve already got a Facebook page and Facebook ad account — If not, set those up now.

Now create your Facebook business manager account. Read how to do that here.

#2. Add a page to business manager

What page to add?

If you add your main business/brand page, you’ll lose the ability to respond to posts and notifications the regular and easy way. Instead, you must login to business manager and deal with comments and notifications there.

That’s great for big corporations — but small business owners and their teams probably won’t enjoy this way of working.

What to do?

Create a dummy Facebook page. You can unpublish this page once it’s created — I suggest you do.

Now go to business manager. Access it via the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of FB.


Once inside business manager you must access the manger settings.  Open the menu by clicking on the fun-free burger(three stacked horizontal lines) in the top left of the menu, then click on business settings.

You can also access the settings menu via the cog menu item.

Inside business manager settings…

Now add the dummy page.

Do this by clicking on accounts. Then Pages. Then on the Add page button.

You’ll get three options. Choose ‘Add a page’ for the dummy page.

You must search for your dummy page in the search bar. Once you’ve found and selected it, add that page. This will be your primary business manager page — don’t delete it!

#3. Request access to your main business page

You’ll want to run Ads that originate from your main brand page.

So the next step is requesting access to your main brand page.

Inside business manager setting, click on the +Add page button again.

BUT, this time you’ll want to choose the request access to a page option in the mini-menu.

Now search for your main brand page. Once you’ve found it, select it and hit the button.

Then you must select the page roles you want. I suggest choosing all roles.

Moving on…

#4. Add your Facebook Ads account

Find the Ad accounts item in the sidebar. Hit the add button. You must choose Add an Ad Account option.

You’ll see a box like this…

You can find the account ID by jumping back to Facebook (in another tab). And clicking on the Manage Ads menu item…

You can’t miss you Facebook Ads ID. Copy that number in to the Add account box (inside business manager) and hit the ‘Add Ad Account’ button.


#5. Add your agency as a partner

Inside business manager, find the partners menu item in the sidebar.

Click the Add button. You partner/agency need to supply their Facebook business ID.

How your partner can find their Facebook ID:

  • Go to partners Facebook Business Manager
  • Go to settings
  • Look in the sidebar for the Business Info item.
  • Locate the Business Manager ID at the top.

Now assign your partner assets

In the initial setup process, you’re prompted to assign assets to your partners

The essentials your agency will need:

  • Assign your brand page to them (not the dummy page). Add them as Page advertiser.
  • Assign your Ad account to them. Add them as Ad account analyst and Ad account advertiser.

In tests, we found that assigning the Ad account in the initial setup doesn’t work.

No problem! — After the initial partner setup, go to Ad accounts in the sidebar, select the respective Ad account, and hit the add partner button — add the partner and give them roles as Ad account analyst and Ad account advertiser.

That’s it.

You’re now ready for your agency to run ads.

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