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We've a proud history of telling the biggest stories

Where it all began

Although our agency was only recently founded, our advertising and marketing roots go all the way back to 1998. Our founder, Andrew Bull started his career placing newspaper ads, before moving in to the advertising and film industry. During this time, Andrew played a key creative role on campaigns for Mercedes, Dior, BA, Red Bull, Philips, Marks & Spencer, and Sony — Andrew designed and directed a 44K, 360-degree film for the brand.

However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for Andrew.

In 2009, he joined a new media business as non-executive director — working on client projects, rather than the business itself. Whilst the new company delivered an excellent service, the marketing & sales team struggled to tell the right story to the right people. Unfortunately, the business ran out of steam and money!

Andrew realised that having a great product or service wasn’t enough. To create a sustainable business, you need to tell a great story.

So, he made learning and applying the best storytelling and marketing strategies his ongoing mission — this combined with his previous experience led to the birth of Bright Arts Agency…

At Bright Arts, everything we do, is designed to tell the best possible story about brands like yours.

So that your business can generate a healthy and sustainable profit.

We’re here to tell your story and change your world.

Image shows Bright Arts Agency founder Andrew Bull in a medium shot wearing a blue suit. He looks authoritative and friendly.
Andrew Bull, founder of Bright Arts
Andrew's 44K film for Sony
Logo of Bright Arts Agency

Values drive our culture and approach

Before we start working with you, we like to learn about your story; it’s important for us to understand what you’re trying to achieve and what you believe and value. Only then can we design a solution that’s will help you achieve your business goals.

We believe that the stories we choose to tell can profoundly influence and change our perception of people, products and ideas. Having a good idea is no longer enough if we want our ideas to catch on, we need to tell a great story. And not just any story, but an authentic story that demands attention and inspires action.

We believe that the best stories are full of emotion – once you’ve moved the heart, it’s easier to change and move the mind. In fact, creating a strong emotional response is scientifically proven to maximise the chances of story success.

Emotion is one of the six story fundamentals that helps stories and ideas catch on. If you’re interested in learning more about storytelling fundamentals – attend one of our workshops or join our Facebook group.

We’re obsessed with beautiful people, cinematic imagery and atmospheric lighting. But, we’re not interested in a version of beauty, that focuses on size 4 models and days of photoshop work. For us, beauty is all around us, in all different shapes and sizes. Groove Armada got it right when they sang “If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired looking at each other”.

We’re a big fan of collaboration, partnerships and teamwork. By working togegther, we can achieve far more than we can alone.

Our Mission

Image shows Bright Arts Agency founder Andrew Bull in a wide shot wearing a blue suit. He looks authoritative and friendly. Andrew was photographed at the Trampery Republic in London's Docklands.

I believe that our fast-evolving world is creating difficult challenges and questions that our society must answer.

Mass automation, AI and the next generation of robots will put an immense strain on our world and our way of life. In all likelihood, they will trigger high levels of unemployment, an increase in inequality, social stagnation and a crisis of purpose – without tangible career goals, the young and unemployed will lack drive, ambitions and purpose.

We have huge questions to answer about our future.

I believe that the Entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow who build their Brands with a greater purpose than profit alone will provide one of the answers we need. These brands of the future will not only generate enormous value for their owners, but also for society and the wider world. And because they make a positive impact on people’s lives, their ideas and products will be widely loved and shared.

These brands of the future will become more than mere Trademarks; they will be Lovemarks; Brands for the people and loved by the people.

We’re on a mission to help entrepreneurs create these brands of the future.

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