A Proud History of Telling
the Biggest Stories

A Proud History of Telling the Biggest Stories

Founder's Story

Andrew Bull

At the age of 18, I had one goal in mind — to break into the U.K. film industry. By the age of 21, I was working with one of cinema’s great auteurs, Baz Luhrmann. 

Moulin Rouge was my first film project, but it wouldn’t be my last. I would help the likes of Tim Burton, Kenneth Branagh, and Ridley Scott on movies such as Prometheus, Cinderella, and Quantum of Solace.

I also helped brands such as BA, Dior, Red Bull, and Mercedes tell their stories.

My work broke boundaries – the experience I designed and directed for Sony, a 44K 360-degree film, being a great example of my pioneering approach.

While my professional career flourished, I was also building a future for my family. With this in mind, I joined a post-production company as Technical Director.

During my time in this role, I learnt that a story could do more than entertain, it could make or break a business.

While the new company delivered an excellent service, the Marketing and Branding team struggled to tell a good story, so the business struggled to attract new clients, and ran out of steam.

I realised that having a great product or service wasn’t enough. To create a sustainable business, you need to tell a great story.

This idea lit a fire inside of me and pushed me to study the art and science of business storytelling, including consumer psychology, virality, business strategy, marketing, and branding.

Bright Arts Agency founder Andrew directing on set

This knowledge and my personal business experience became the catalyst for starting Bright Arts Agency.

At Bright Arts Agency, everything we do is designed to tell the best possible story about companies like yours.

So that your business can generate a healthy and sustainable profit.

We’re here to tell your story and change your world.

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Andrew Bull running a workshop for entrepreneurs

What people say

Andrew is a storytelling heavyweight. Everything he teaches will help your strategy, whether you’re a big company stuck in old patterns or a StartUp in the beginning of building your entire brand.
Launch 22
Game-Changing. That's how I describe Andrew's approach to brand storytelling.
Stuart Duncan
Economy of Hours

Our Philosophy

"The stories we tell profoundly influence and change our perception of people, products, and ideas. But, what makes a great story? Emotion. It's been scientifically proven that emotions drive our decisions. If you want to influence peoples behaviour, you need to start by telling an emotional story. When you touch their hearts, their minds and wallets will follow. That's why emotional storytelling is at the heart of everything we do."
Image shows Bright Arts Agency founder Andrew Bull in a medium shot wearing a blue suit. He looks authoritative and friendly.
Andrew Bull
Bright Arts Founder